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      2019 China International Metal Forming Exhibition (Shanghai Station)


      Display time: July 17-20, 2019

      Exhibition location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

      Lane Booth: W2 Hall N11

      The most professional and authoritative exhibition for forging, stamping, and sheet metal production in China

      Four sub exhibitions:

      The 20th China International Forging Exhibition, ChinaForge Fair 2019

      The 14th China International Stamping Technology and Equipment Exhibition, SheetMetal China 2019

      The 14th China International Sheet Metal Processing Exhibition, MetalFab China 2019

      The 20th China International Metal Forming Parts Expo, MetalComp China 2019

      Level 4 safety light curtain (safety grating), SR series safety relay

      SFA series level 4 blind spot free safety light curtain, MC/MCII series small safety light curtain, MCM series measuring grating, SLA-3 series bending machine special protection device

      VMM-1000 series mold monitoring protector

      For more product information, welcome to visit Ryan booth for guidance. More exciting things await you!